Vodburner is another way you can record your Skype conversations on windows. It records both video and audio Skype calls. And the importance of all that is to have something we can use as reference in the future, or sometimes we just want to look at the good memories when we miss our relatives and friends that’s all. Interestingly, even without your help, this tool will manage to record your Skype conversations because it comes with automatic default settings, and so it will record automatically while actually delivering high quality sound for you.

We love the way it lets you capture Skype video moments while you record, it can be exciting to record the video and at the same time have captures of it that you can even save as pictures on your computer. Nothing is breathtaking like the ability to edit your Skype video calls, you add subtitles, plus memos and when you do so, obviously your recordings will appear different form the unedited ones. Should you then want to record your Skype calls in different modes for example this side, other side - do not worry as this tool supports all that, furthermore users find this tool really simple to record Skype conversations with.

Features of Vodburner

  • The tool has a simple interface; we have never heard anyone say they failed to use it to record Skype calls because everything there is plain.
  • It can handle to create complete video productions when you record, which helps to portray everything you see in the video.
  • It is one of the most powerful apps because it can record both video and audio Skype calls.
  • It has always set itself apart in recording Skype conversations for free
  • It can also do a lot more besides just recording Skype calls like, displaying details of the call you make, which makes your files easy to search for in the future
  • This Skype recorder will also allow you to record then upload your files on YouTube for different to watch them
  • It is ideal for recording personal calls since it supports both calls, if you are always making Skype calls at home talking to your family, this is the kind of software you need to install because it offers both Skype calls for free
  • Vodburner also allows you to save your video Skype call recordings as WMV/MP4 file format, which is appropriate for sharing with friends

Advantages of Vodburner

  • This program offers a fantastically clear sound when you record your Skype calls with it, so be confident that you will have audible recordings
  • Last but least, it supports both Skype calls

Disadvantages of Vodburner

  • There is nothing worse than recording your Skype calls and realising that they have watermarks, this usually happens when you try to call someone who has no Vodburner app, so in order to avoid that, ask the other person prior before you make that call.








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