TikTeck Smart LED Bulb

TikTeck Smart LED Bulb: Economic Bluetooth Light For You

[Updated 05/29] If your conviction for purchasing a smart LED light borders around simplicity and economical, then TikTeck smart LED bulbs should be your best option. It’s a simple Bluetooth connected bulb that provides clear and accurate colors. Delivering more than just the colors, it is also relatively cheap compared to other bulbs in its category.

So, you do not need to bother about the pricey lights like Hue and Lifx if your desire is a simple yet efficient light. Designed with as many features as the famous names, TikTeck gives you the same features like app-enabled control, scheduling features, bright colors and sundry.

TikTeck’s Pros and Cons

TikTeck Smart Bulbs

No matter how good something is, there will still be some shortcomings here and there about it. The same goes for the TikTeck bulbs.


Price-Efficiency: for most LED light its type, TikTeck is a notch better when it comes to the efficiency ratio compared to the price. Offering similar features like the big names, TikTeck stands out as a good Bluetooth-connected light bulb.

More Pronounced Color Chart: It has a richer color spectrum than you will expect from a bulb within its range making it an excellent choice for color freaks. If competition is something to go by, it has stronger brightness for the colors green and cyan which, by the way, has posed a difficult task for Philips Hue.


Non-Compatibility With Geofencing and IFTTT: With the much-bragged alternative-of-hue status granted it, the fact that the TikTeck cannot be used with geofencing abilities made it a little less admirable. It is good to notify you upfront that you cannot control your lights remotely with TikTeck bulbs because of Bluetooth range limit.

Non-Compatibility With Popular Third-Party Apps: Don’t expect to have TikTeck work with other third-party apps like Samsung SmartThing, Nest or Alexa. It doesn’t even have the capacity to work with IFTTT.

Aesthetic Appraisal Of TikTeck Bulb

TikTeck Smart Bulbs

Designed with a casing that runs half way up, and a dome-shaped plastic top, I can safely pass the TikTeck a good aesthetically designed lighting set. This is because the dome-shaped top gives the light more dispersion hence delivering a better-reached glow.  The lower part has the traditional Edison screw-able base making it a choice selection for most potential users.

Much like Ilumi in body design, another Bluetooth-connected LED bulb, TikTeck has a measurement of some 4.17 inches length and 2.36 inches in diameter. With this measurement, the TikTeck design is significantly enhanced to fit into almost any lamp.

Moving on from the aesthetic appraisal, next I will discuss the features and functionality of TikTeck bulb. Here, we will get acquainted with everything that TikTeck can do as smart LED bulb.

Features and Functionality

Scheduling Feature: using TikTeck, you can schedule it to come on and off at specific times during the day, just like you can do with Philips. This is made possible by utilizing the app. With this feature, you can schedule individual bulbs to come on at preset times and equally control them.

The scheduling features works with the timer. So, that you can preset the time that you want the lights to come on. This lets you create a schedule that span days covering your travel plan of just daily outing time.

TikTeck Scheduling

Lumen / Kelvin: for the umpteenth time yet, I will pitch TikTeck against Philips and Lifx. With 600 lumens and 5,500 Kelvins, TikTeck boasts of a good brightness and dimming ability. Neither Hue nor Lifx can beat it given their pricey nature.

To test the brightness of TikTeck bulb, simply find the Kelvin slider at the base of the app and slide it up or down to increase and reduce the intensity.

Wider Color Spectrum: displaying its color directly on the app’s home screen, you have an easier access to a broader scope of colors to choose from. TikTeck gives you much more high definition color display and a more brilliant representation of those colors.

To drive this point home well, in comparison with Hue’s color scheme, TikTeck showed more brilliant Green and Cyan renditions than does Hue. Without arguments then, it will be safe to say that regarding colors, TikTeck does just as much as the big names will do too.

TikTeck Smart Bulb


Efficiency is not just a measure of exterior designs and display; it also reaches as far as the lifespan of things being reviewed. For TikTeck, its lifespan is pitched at 20,000 hours usage. Given this figures, on a 3-hour daily usage rate, you are assured of a 20-years usage duration.

Running a check based on estimated life span of TikTeck, it stands a good footing with other LED bulbs in its category. Through it all, for people who fancy to have a not-so-costly lighting system in their homes and want their choice to last longer, TikTeck is a viable option to pick.

Bluetooth Connection

Unlike most LED, TikTeck bulbs are connected via Bluetooth devices. Although a limiting factor based on range and its inability to retain connection over a long range of distance, the Bluetooth is still a flexible way to schedule and control your smart light.

As have been outlined in the opening part of this review, TikTeck provides the capacity to schedule and use timers to manage its lights. So, the Bluetooth connection hindrance can be alleviated a bit with preset schedules and timing.

Device Compatibility Specs

First, you will require an Android version 4.3 or later to gain access to TikTeck app. Any Android version lower or earlier are outrightly non-compatibility with the app. So users need to have a later Android version devices to connect their devices. For iOS users, iOS 6 or later is required to connect and use the app.

For Bluetooth connection, you need to make sure that your device has inbuilt Bluetooth 4.0 version. This is the Bluetooth version that can be used to connect with the TikTeck apps

Music Syncing Capacity

In case you want to throw some indoor party for yourself and a few friends, TikTeck can synchronize with the music from your device and emit lights that match the beat. This can conveniently turn your small parlor party to a groovy club mood.


Our Verdict

One major glitch I noticed in the TikTeck app is that it sometimes get disconnected from the bulbs. At this point, you will be required to switch the app off and on to resume control of your lights again. I find this quite unappealing in all ramification. It just yanks the power off you all of a sudden with any forewarning. If development is anything to go by, this might just be a good starting point for the TikTeck team to review and update on.

The TikTeck app, just like Ilumi’s, has a rather lean feature. The home screen shows a big color wheel that solely controls color selection, while the button for switching the bulbs on/off is located in the center of the wheel. At least, we could use a little more appeal on the selection and power button. Another drawback I noticed in the app is that the color wheel does not show current color choices, which can be quite confusing. Except you a down with simplicity and plain-face interfaces then TikTeck app is a good selection.

Since we all like to party, I ran a little test on the much-publicized music synchronizing feature that TikTeck offers. My test revealed that the light emission sometimes lags behind the beat.


Yes, it may not be a pound-for-pound match for other bulbs in the market as per features and functionality, but if being economical is something to consider, then I recommend TikTeck.

I agree that there a few things that should be upgraded and worked on, but they are not a total deterrence from opting for this bulbs. They still meet the standard as far as LED smart lights are concerned.