TCP LED Light Bulb

TCP LED Light Bulb: 2017 Review

[ Updated 05/29] Smart light always run steps ahead of traditional incandescent lamps by many factors. That is exactly what TCP LED light delivers in comparison with incandescent lights as well as some smart lights in its category. This quantum leap on the part of TCP lamps is influenced largely by factors like the quality, durability, and outputs of TCP bulbs.

With these lamps, you get a more realistic and concentrated quality delivery in every bulb. All these smart bulbs are packed with quality chips, drivers, optics and thermals for a guaranteed optimal performance. So, with every lamp that you purchase, you are assured of premium quality lights that rival many in the same category. Let us take a moment to review the major smart lamps that are available.

A-Type LED Lights

TCP LED Light Bulb

The “A” type smart bulbs range from A 19 to A 21 and so much in between. They have the dimmable and the non-dimmable versions and others that are fitted for your interior, exterior, and wet locations. As a matter-of-fact, you have a well-balanced array of multi-purpose smart bulbs within the A type lights.

Whatever your lighting needs are, as per non-commercial purposes, you are well covered and provided for in the A Type lamp range. Furthermore, the lamps are highly energy efficient and durable.

BR-Type LED Lights

If your lighting needs are for large open expanse area and related fields, then you are best to choose the BR-Type lights. Optimum for facility lighting and factories, the BR-Type lamps are designed with high-efficiency drivers and discrete chip configuration for improved lighting solutions in large space areas. Therefore, if you are looking to light up your factories or storage areas, these are the best options for you.

Just like the A-Type lamps, the BR-Type bulbs have dimmable and non-dimmable versions. If your lighting need requires that you dim the illumination sometimes, TCP lamps have got you covered in this area too. Sub-types of BR lights available includes LED BR 40 (dimmable / non-dimmable), LED BR 30 (dimmable / non-dimmable) and the Allusion Smooth Warm BR 30 dimmable lamps.

LED Downlights

TCP LED Light Bulb

Downlights are great lighting options for open office spaces, lounges, and other habitable public areas. In these regions, the perfect control option is supposed to be uniform so you can achieve the perfect lighting solution.

With the Downlight Lamps, you are provided with a uniform dimmable option that let you control all the bulbs in a given area. Hence, you are given a smooth and unified dimming experience. Aside from the dimming option, these Downlight Lamps come with color rendering abilities and are suitable for outdoor use too.


TCP light bulbs are high-grade sophisticated light systems that render premium quality output no matter the type in use. There is no reason to doubt the durability and efficiency of these bulbs given the length of times the brand has been in the service of delivering top notch lighting solutions. We vouch that you will have a beautiful lighting experience with these bulbs.