Talkhelper call recorder for Skype is one of the perfect apps we have on the market. The program gives you a chance to record both your Skype calls (video and audio). Anyone who has windows PC can easily use this Skype recorder because that’s what its compatible with – and by that we mean all windows versions, don’t think you will be able to record your Skype calls with it if you do not have windows. Now you know how the way to go about it if you are to try this software, and for this reason, use the opportunity to use TalkHelper to record your Skype interviews. I promise you, this will be your best tool for recording all the important Skype calls because it guarantees high quality. You know how it really feels like to record something and it comes out perfectly, it feels on top, isn’t it? Quality is very important when it comes to recording Skype calls because when the quality is poor, you will not be confident to record your Skype calls. Many people like to use this software to record their Skype conversations simply because it allows them to capture Skype video frames during their recording sessions. In addition to recording Skype conversations, you can also record voice mails as well as Skype video messages, not only will they be recorded, but also saved just like the calls you make, to be precise, they will be stored on your computer for a playback.

Features of TalkHelper

Now that you know what this Skype recorder does, we are going to list of the amazing features it comes with;

  • If you find that sometimes you are afraid to download some apps on your computer because you think they might affect your PC and lose you data, just breath, this particular tool has goo your back, it is free from viruses, malware, spyware and adware.
  • Every time you make a Skype call, the tool will detect and begin to record your calls automatically, you do not even have to set for it to work, unless you prefer recording manually, that’s when you can do something about it like disable automatic recording and enable manual recording
  • Remember that this software is free to download and has got a simple interface – no person will fail to operate, users who are already using it to record their calls say it’s one of the simplest.
  • Here’s another interesting feature about this app, it lets you edit your Skype video calls, in fact we love this feature most, because you can rename and also add memos to your video.
  • It gives you a chance to playback your Skype recorded files, and we think that makes sense, we record because we want to have access to our files some day in the future

Advantages of Talkhelper

  • This Skype recorder allows you to record Skype calls for free
  • It records all Skype calls automatically
  • It is extremely reliable and stores your video calls as AVI files.





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