Stack LED Downlight Starter Kit

Stack LED Downlight Starter Kit: Review of A Truly Smart Light

The general aim of getting a smart bulb is so that you can have a home device that makes your life as easier and fulfilled as can be. In this review of Stack LED Downlight Starter Kit, I can conveniently proclaim that it lives up to its reputation of a smart bulb. What is more, it surpasses and beat its proclaimed contestants in this regard.

Designed with a motion sensor and ambiance sensor features, Stack Downlight is a smart LED light that lights your path when it detects motion and brightens or reduce illumination when it senses ambiance or otherwise. Now, considering these, who can refute the claim that it is a well-rounded LED Smart Light?

Now selling at $99, it beats Philips Hue to being a well-priced LED smart light that delivers way beyond your expectations. Taking its great features a notch higher, the Downlight has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection abilities. So, you can connect to the bulbs nearby via Bluetooth or remotely via the Wi-Fi with the aid of its hub. Its registered disadvantages regardless, the Downlight still stands firm as a genuinely smart LED that is as affordable as it is efficient.

Merits and Demerits of Stack Downlight

No matter how vastly efficient a product it, there will be some factors that stand out about it and others that may not be too good. In the case of Stack Downlight LED Starter Kit, there are a few pros and cons to consider.

This is what we will examine in the section of the article.



Intuitive and Easy To Use: much about the Stack Downlight shows that it can be quite adaptive to human motions and patterns. Possessing the capacity to detect movement, it can dim all other lights and brighten the one in the path where the motion is detected. Without any disagreement, this makes the starter kit a very intuitive smart light to use.

Using Stack Downlight is as easy as setting up the bulb, plugging in the hub and connecting the app to the bulbs. Once these steps are taken, what is left is to control the light as you desire. The intuitive nature of these bulbs makes it easier to use.

Compatibility With Nest: it is a good thing that Stack took its smartness to the level of being compatible with some third parties like Nest. Further increasing its sophistication, Stack Downlight can connect with Nest thermostat and increase the heat to generate more warmth if it detects you in a room with temperature below normal.

Sophisticated App: Using the Stack Downlight app, all the bulbs are seen as “rooms” so, you can comfortably control each bulb as an independent room when you need to. This is an easier approach to managing the lights in your rooms as opposed to just having every bulb jammed up in the app


White-Light Only: Although Stack provides the opportunity to adjust the color temperature of its bulbs, there is no provision for changing colors. Stack Downlight only offers white lights and no other distinct color.

This can constitute a major setback for people who like fancy colors of lights in their homes.

Features and Functionality of Stack Downlight LED Starter Kit  

Stack LED Downlight Starter Kit

Motion and Ambience Sensor: this remains a very intriguing feature of Stack Downlight Bulbs. Having your lights know and detect motion and instantaneously respond to brighten the path is an ingenious feat of LED lighting technology.

Even though it may be considered as a small development, it is still a laudable improvement on what is available on the market today. Worthy of note here is the fact that it needs to sense the movement through its infrared sensors. This may not allow it to capture every movement around except those in within the infrared sensor range. However, the Stack Classic light has an improved detection capacity.

IFTTT Compatible: using the Downlight, you can also integrate it with ‘If This Then That’ (IFTTT) sites so that you can prepare some cool lighting recipes based on events you choose. More so, it allows you to set the bulbs to interact with other smart things in your home freely.

As an example, with IFTTT you can schedule the bulb in your living room to shine bright red when the washing machine or any other device is done performing their task. This can come in as a handy reminder so that you do not get carried away by other activities.

Super Sensitive Auto-Mode: when you put the bulbs in auto-mode, it allows Stack to automatically take control of the lights in your home. In this mode, the bulbs will be adjusted throughout the day based on the perceived need. This perception is made possible by the inbuilt ambient sensor that detects and reacts to lighting need based on the need for ambiance.

Lumen/Kelvin: Stack Downlight starter kit bulbs pitch it brightness at some 750 lumens. By any means, this allows you conveniently increase the intensity of light in your home above what most smart LED bulbs can offer.

For color temperature, it gives you a range between 2700 – 6500 kelvin. In test, it delivers just as much as what was promised to make Stack Downlight a good choice for everyone.

Stack Hub: the starter kit comes with two white bulbs and hub just like most starter kits. Personally, though, I find the Stack hub aesthetically sound because of its hexagonal design.

Just plug the hub into a power source and connect the app to it and you ready to use it.

Analyzing The Stack Downlight App

From a personal angle, I will say that Stack Downlight Bulbs have the capacity to work flawlessly after integration and scheduling making you need the app less later. Regardless, the Stack app is a dynamic and quite stylish software that lives up to a god reputation.

Offering some five preset scenes, users can aptly choose any of Relax, Neutral, Focus, Auto and Off scenes.

To set up the bulbs on the app, the first thing to do is to create “rooms” for each of the bulbs. This means that individual bulbs are reckoned as rooms by the Stack app. So, if you’re using more than one bulb per “room”, you have a little difficulty controlling individual bulbs there.

Stack LED Downlight Starter Kit

After this, you set up the brightness level of the individual “rooms” you have created and managed them to suit your preference. Recall my initial claim that Stack Downlight app is dynamic enough to not warrant frequent comebacks? It shows relevance here now. After this setup, you may not have any reason to come back to it again since it works to understand your activity and create a custom schedule for you based on that.

Stack LED Downlight Starter Kit

Our Verdict

There is no denying that Stack Downlight starter kit forms an excellent lighting experience for users. Starting from the app, what I find a bit disheartening is the fact I am presented with a one-blow approach for managing the bulbs. I think we can have something like a singular control for individual bulbs so that one can make specific modifications to the lights.

Aside from the above, it appears to me that Stack Downlight starter kit is a very promising kit for anyone who wants a very dynamic and sophisticated smart LED lights in their homes.