The Best 10 Apps For Philips Hue Of 2017

best apps for hue

[Updated 05/29] Being a pioneer in an area affords you a lot of privileges. More so, if you know what you are doing, you can become a leading figure in the particular field. This is exactly what niche Philips have carved for itself in the field of LED bulbs. Pretty much like an open source OS, Philips allows users to communicate and control its bulbs with third party applications. These third party apps constitute the best Hue apps out there today. This allows the users have a heightened level of freedom using the bulbs, and it gets even better with the growing numbers of Philips apps available today. In this article, I will be discussing some great third party apps for Philips.

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Take Control Of Your Lights With These Amazing ‘Best Hue Apps’

take control of lights

There are a lot of Hue apps available today. This growth is facilitated mainly because Philips allows and encourage other developers to interact with its application programming interface (API). As is expected, this level of freedom gives rise to colorful and sophisticated variants of Philips apps.

All the apps available today cut across OS and platforms with Android taking the lead position. A number of features come to play when considering these apps. They range from colorful, ease-of-use, to simplicity. Whatever your preference for choosing any of these  apps, you are sure to find one that will meet your needs here.

  • Thorlight


With the promise of making your Philips lights more incredible, Thorlight is crafted with more than 28 intricately designed dynamic lighting effects. These effects will show you a diverse and newer perspective to your original lights. It also promises a well-balanced and controlling effect of your home environment.

As an extended feature, it has a simple and colorful user interface that makes it a very easy to manage and control. You also get to program scheduled events with it and save them on the bridge.

Well, if you fancy some sound to your app, Thorlight is designed with music and sound effects that give your settings dramatic and dynamic effects.

  • Lightbow


Boasting the highest grade and numbers of animated presets, Lightbow is a viable Philip app that offers an excellent user experience. What is more, using Lightbow, one can also utilize the inbuilt editor to create new preset and themes that can be employed at any point.

Much like the Hue app itself, Lightbow allows users to group lights by specific functions or by interior scope like the room, kitchen, etc. Users can also group multiple bulbs and control them willfully using the Lightbow app.

When it comes to exerting standard control, this app also ranks well. From just one screen face, you can do as much as rename, arrange or switch on/off your bulbs. And then, it also allows triggers to be set for specific actions. Lightbow permits activation of specific triggers like shaking your phone to set moods. What could be more user-friendly and sophisticated than these?

  • Ambify

Available for iOS, ambify is an excellent app for controlling your Hue bulbs. Although one may take it for a music app, its slogan rightly says “…turn music into Light…” Ambify particularly makes use of Philips bulbs to set a control and extension to manage the lights.


You literally can turn your music into light with the ambify app. All you need do is connect your bulbs, do the set-up and you are ready to go. Using its algorithmic codes to sync your music via iTunes it can transfer your music to the Hue bulbs. This then changes your light’s visualization by adjusting the colors and brightness in sync with the beat of your music to create a calm or disco feel depending on the music being played. Isn’t that rightly turning your music into light?

  • OnSwitch


Available for Android and iOS users, OnSwitch has over 30 awesome animated effects that you can select to give you that fresh homely feel. There is also the static effect. Both themes can be used to deliver breath-taking sensation in your house when you chose among the color flow effects, Albuquerque effect or others effects.

Combined with the Philips bulbs, OnSwitch enables you to create beautiful sunrise for waking up and sunset for sleeping, just like you would on the Hue app. With this app, users can also manage bulbs in a group or interact with them independently making it a choice alternative app for the Philips bulb.

The only seeming drawback that this app has is that you still need a bridge to use the app, so it is not entirely an independent app.

  • Scintillator

There are levels in control when it comes to apps for managing light bulbs. What Scintillator delivers is a full-fledged control of all aspects of its color. Thus, you have a more robust capacity for manipulating and selecting your choice of lighting colors.


A choice pick for setting up colorful lighting for your party, Scintillator will give you a jive-filled atmosphere for dance and fresh party-time feel. Just so you know upfront, it could pose a tough set-up process but is sure worth the stress when you finally get that perfectly awesome choice selection.

  • LampShade

Arguably the best Android app for Philips, LampShade provides deep sophistication and robust option for users so that they can get an awesome control of their bulbs.


Leveraging on its widget access, you can conveniently exert control on locked phone screen when you need to do a quick mood change without unlocking the phone. Much like the Hue too, it has an alarm feature that let you wake up to your preset favorite mood whether a gentle sunrise or just a cool white light.

No disputing that everyone like their things in the right place, but how would you fancy your light emitting the right glow at the right places? LampShade creates some of the most easy-to-use mood setting feature that is arranged in a sleek way for you to browse through and select.

  • Magma Hue

If simplicity is your thing, then most definitely, you will fancy the Magma. The display home shows a simple color board that has a brightness slider at the base for adjusting the brightness you desire.


As you have seen for yourself, it is straightforward and simple. No color wheels or clumsy display color boards, just plain home display of colors to be brightened or reduced as wished. Magma is your download choice if you want a one-size fit all direct control board for your light control option.

  • Quick Hue

Another great iOS Hue app, Quick Hue is arguably one of the fastest Hue apps for controlling your lights. Yes, pretty much the fastest because it can automatically detect your lights and provide instant access for you to manage them from anywhere.


With Quick Hue, you conveniently skip all that twist and turns that comes with changing colors on the app. It is as straightforward and quick as tapping to turn on/off a light, swipe left/right to select colors and using the slider to control brightness level. No need for going through pages to do all those as is on the Hue app.

  • Switches For Hue

You will agree that simplicity is the new sophistication now. So if an app is to rank among the best, it should be as simple to use as possible. Switches is just another personification of a simple Hue apps around.


To use, just scroll to the lights that have been attached to the Hue Bridge and add them into groups. With this, you are ready to go. Once these switches are saved to screen, you can conveniently access and manipulate them anytime you need to change you’re the light in your room.

  • Hue Disco

Here is another Android app that is a nice pick for users who like party lights. A perfect Android app, Hue Disco is excellent for providing party lights feeling and mood. Since Philips bulbs are specifically for indoor use, your indoor party is sure to take a new turn with the Hue Disco app.


The app allows you to put your lights in party mode and create settings like custom color cycles, strobe effects, and it can even be configured to make your bulb lights react to the music playing on your phone.


So, when scouting for one of the best Hue apps, you can confidently pick from any of the above apps in the list to fit your lighting need and preference.

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