PDF To Excel Converter Software Reviews & Selection Guide In 2019


When sharing a document, it’s always advisable to use a PDF. Through this, you’re certain that it won’t be corrupted. More so, it consumes less space compared to other file formats. However, depending on the information you’re sharing, you might need to convert it later on.

For numbers, you’ll need to find a viable PDF to Excel converter. A software that’ll be able to retain all the data in the PDF. To assist you in accomplishing this, we have shared some of the best converters to use in Windows.

UniPDF PDF To XLS Converter


With the support of multiple languages, UniPDF allows you to convert PDF documents to XLS no matter the language. Being able to lift the language barrier makes your work easier. Within the software, you can choose which language you’d like from the settings.

On the other hand, batch conversion is a feature that’s available in UniPDF. Through this, you’re able to convert multiple PDF documents to XLSX. This in return will save you some time since you don’t have to convert a single document at a time. More so, it makes it easier for you to arrange these files.

The selected pages area allows you to choose different pages which you’d like to convert. Depending on the size of the PDF, you can choose all pages, a single page or a selection of pages. And with this, you don’t have to worry about having too much or too little information.

TalkHelper PDF Converter


On the other hand, TalkHelper allows you to convert files from and to PDF. Meaning that when exiting XLS documents, you can later convert them to PDF documents for safe keeping. When planning on converting PDF documents to XLSX, the interface is simple to use – even for new users.

Some of the features that TalkHelper supports is batch conversion and page selection. With the batch conversion, you’re able to convert multiple PDF documents at a go. For page selection, you’re able to choose the specific pages that you’d like to convert — thus being able to save you time.

As for editing the PDF documents, you’re able to retain the format of the PDF document. So doing allows you to retain any tables as they were. Likewise, the “Content Mode” makes it easier for you to choose the desired output format.

PDF Suite Pro


The interface of PDF Suite Pro is unique. It’s familiar with most Microsoft Office apps. Thus making it easier for anyone to adapt to it. More so, you’ll be able to find the conversion options that you might like. When converting PDF to XLSX, you’re able to ascertain that you retain the format.

More so, the secure and sign feature makes it easier for you to protect the XLS documents. Through this, you can add signatures or passwords to the XLS documents. Therefore, if you have to share them, you can rest assured that only a few people will have access.

OCR support is another feature that makes PDF Suite Pro a suitable PDF to XLSX converter. With OCR, you’re able to extract Excel documents from multiple formats. You can scan a document, turn it to PDF and convert it to Microsoft Excel.

Weeny Free PDF to Excel Converter


Unlike most PDF to XLS converters, Weeny is free. Therefore, you can take advantage of all its features without having to worry about any premiums. Unlike other software which offers free trials, Weeny provides you with all the features upon installation.

Besides being free, the user interface is simple to use. For a free application, nothing is complicated. You get the options of adding PDFs, editing them or deleting them. After you add the documents, you’ll have to choose the Excel output mode and the output folder.

Besides this, you get the page convert range option as well, which means that you can choose the specific pages that you’d like to convert. You only,  have to click on the large “Convert Now” button at the lower right.

iLovePDF PDF To XLS Converter


There are few online PDF to XLSX converters available. iLovePDF stands out due to the unique features that it offers. The ability to upload documents from the cloud is ideal. The storage options that are supported include Google Drive, Dropbox or your PC.

More so, for free online software, you’re able to drag and drop the PDF documents. Through this, you can choose multiple files and drop them on the page online. Besides, you can purchase Windows or Mobile software. These will assist you in fine-tuning the converted Excel documents.

On the other hand, there is multiple language support with iLovePDF. Through this, you’re able to convert PDF documents to any language that you’d like. More so, if you don’t understand the language used in the PDF, you can convert it to something easy to comprehend.

Cogniview PDF to Excel Converter


Support for multiple languages ought to be a feature that you shouldn’t overlook in any PDF to XLSX converters. Cogniview understands this and provides one of the best multilingual support. With Congiview, you’re able to adjust the UI depending on the languages that you know.

This allows you to have an intuitive interface which allows you to understand all the features available. Besides this, you’re certain of retaining the formats of the PDF documents once they’re converted into Microsoft Excel documents. No matter the formats in the PDF, Cogniview ascertains that everything remains the same.

If you have some specific layouts that you’d like, you can choose them as the output formats. With this, you’ll make your editing work easier. Likewise, these productivity features allow you to customize Cogniview to your liking.

Able2Extract PDF To Excel Converter


There are different Microsoft Excel formats, all which Able2Extract supports. With this, you won’t have to worry about the software that you have available; you’ll be able to edit the Excel documents quickly. Likewise, you can opt to use the free version or get a license to attain the premium features.

For professional use, having the license is ideal. For home use, however, the free version will suffice. You don’t have to worry about Windows support since Able2Extract supports all Windows versions. This compatibility ensures that you don’t need to have a newer operating system to take advantage of the software.

Besides this, what makes Able2Extract unique? First, it has OCR support. Thus allowing you to scan documents, turn them to PDF documents and convert them to XLS formats. Likewise, the new sign feature allows you to personalize the Excel documents after conversion.

Wondershare PDF to Excel Converter


Even after converting a PDF document to XLS, you ought to ensure that the output quality is the best. With Wondershare PDF to Excel Converter, the recent updates have made this better. You’re able to notice the clarity within the documents and also the precise format retention in Excel.

Likewise, to make it easier for new users, the interface frequently attains some updates. These allow a new user to figure out the way around. More so, you’re able to discern as to all the things that you can accomplish with Wondershare. For example, you can easily customize the formats of the XLS documents.

More so, since Wondershare has OCR support, automatic detection of these documents is available. Therefore, you don’t need to waste your time trying to figure out which documents are scanned. Wondershare does all this for you and lets you choose what you’d like to do afterward.

iSkysoft PDF Editor


In case you like to try out the software, you have a free trial option. To unlock the full potential of the software, however, you have to purchase it. OCR support is amongst the things you get to enjoy with iSkysoft. Through this, you can easily turn scanned documents to XLS.

For collaborations, you’re able to choose the security options that you’d like to add. This is suitable when there are multiple users, and you only want several to view and make changes to the XLS document. iSkysoft ensures that your collaboration needs are met.

More so, the interface is similar to that of Microsoft Office. Through this, there won’t be a steep learning curve. Batch file conversion is something else that you get to enjoy. Converting PDF documents in batches allows you to save time.


Soda PDF Converter_4

There are many iterations of Soda PDF. The most common being the Windows software. However, there’s a cloud option that can be used online. With this, you get to attain all the features of Soda PDF, but you don’t have to install it.

With the online version, you’re able to attain versatile support. You can connect with people and attain help instantaneously. However, this doesn’t mean that the offline version is left behind. Since both have OCR support, you get to enjoy turning any document into an editable XLS format.

Likewise, the security features too make Soda PDF stand out. You can opt to add annotations to the XLSX documents or even electronic signatures if you’re using it online.