Pamela Skype call recorder is one of the few cherished recorders many people love to use. With so much efficiency, the tool can record video and audio Skype calls perfectly. It has a well designed interface which is also easy to manage by anyone. Beyond the design, this recorder guarantees high quality sound for all the Skype calls you make with it. However, Pamela does offer four versions: 1, Basic – 2, Call recorder – 3, Professional – 4, Business. They offer different features but it also has a free trial version which allows you to record for free, though limited. It is always good to first try out the free version just to see how the tool performs then after that, you can always upgrade. To get the best out of Pamela, we recommend Pamela Business because it offers all the features you want, plus it will let you record unlimited Skype conversations.

As usual, this Skype recorder comes with both automatic and manual recording settings. It starts to record Skype calls automatically, but if you would like to change that, you do it at the time of setting it up, so you change the automatic settings to manual settings and that means every Skype call you make, you will have to Click Recording button in order for it to start. Simplicity and reliability also make this program the one to have to record your Skype calls.

How to use Pamela

  1. Download / install the trial version of Pamela (Basic) on your computer
  2. When it gets done with the installation, you will immediately receive a notification which says Click Allow access
  3. Single Click on it so that you give the app access to work in Skype
  4. After you finish that step, you will be able to use the tool
  5. Make a Skype call, and you will see the app recording your Skype call automatically
  6. Users are allowed to Click pause during their recording session
  7. And if you complete your recording, again Click Stop for it to end
  8. Then it will be saved on your computer for a playback

Features of Pamela

  • Pamela is capable of recording your Skype chats and they will as well be saved safely on your computer just like your Skype conversations
  • It has got an amazing sound quality, there’s nothing you would record with this app and comes out poor
  • It features email forwarding, which is great for people who like to make business calls with this software
  • When you use this software to record your Skype calls, you clearly would never miss out on your friends Birthdays because it will never forget to remind you when the right times comes
  • All Skype conversations are recorded automatically, and when a recorder  is super effective, it does not waste your time

Disadvantages of Pamela

  • Pamela’s downside is that it does not offer boundless Skype call recording with the free trial version

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