Mp3 Skype call recorder is a smart choice if you are looking for free software that records Skype conversations in high quality. Its simple interface gives users an enjoyable and fun experience than most apps on the market. In a few words, it’s excellent and completely reliable. It has automatic and manual recording capabilities that should help you record your Skype conversations the way you want to and also has one of the most sensitive functions for example tracking Skype calls and store them separately on your computer.

This program is available for all people who have windows, and it’s one of the few that can allow you to record Skype calls with no limits attached whatsoever. People who have used this app before to record their Skype calls say it is very effective and also includes a compact format of your saved Skype audio files which is MP3 file format etc. some people also say that this tool is one of the best because it is free and users are not limited in any way to use it the way they would love to. That said, the tool also records conversations you get on your Skype online number.

How to use MP3

  1. Make sure you have the right requirements before you get this software for example: windows etc
  2. Search for the software, it’s always best to get it from the official website
  3. After you have got it, Simply download/install it on your computer
  4. When its installations is done, Click Allow access button
  5. That indicates that the program is ready to record your Skype call
  6. Place a Skype call, and Mp3 app will begin to record the call automatically
  7. However, it does not stop automatically, to end your recording, it requires to Click Stop, then the file will be stored on your PC
  8. To playback the files, double click on the folder and start listening again

Features of MP3

  • Mp3 call Skype recorder is the best app for most people because it is totally free, so basically, it gives everyone a chance to record their Skype conversations regardless.
  • Its interface is more simpler than other recorders and also includes 64 kbit/s, plus stereo mode
  • Mp3 is one of the few Skype recorder apps that offers P2P recording
  • With this software, you can record your Skype conversations in secrecy mode whereby you will not see any icon in the system tray as well as system bar and this allows you to do other things on your computer

Advantages of MP3

  • Mp3 call recorder for Skype allows end users to record their Skype calls without charge
  • All the audio Skype calls are recorded in high quality and saved on your computer
  • Lastly, it also saves calls in mp3 file format

Disadvantages of MP3

  • This software does not offer some of the handy features most people would be interested in, plus it cannot record Skype video calls.

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