Lifx Color 1000 BR30 Wi-Fi LED Review

[Updated 05/27] Taking away the steep cost of purchase, the Lifx color 1000 BR30 is an excellent customer purchase option that anyone will like to buy. If your need of a LED smart bulb for your home borders around a bulb that has great designs, robust colors, and efficient controls, then I recommend Lifx LED bulbs as a good option.

If comparison is anything to go by, Lifx offers a sophisticated and aesthetically rich exterior that enhance the beautiful glow they emit when compared to Philips Hue. However, both bulbs are on the high side when it comes to price.

As earlier hinted, the BR30 justifies its relatively high cost of purchase if you are willing to spend a few more bucks to achieve a beautifully lit home environment.

The Lifx Color 1000 is an improvement on the original in the sense that it is more compact and powerful. It also consumes less energy and is brighter in luminance that the original. Here is another valid reason why I believe that it is better than Philips Hue.

Why Choose Lifx Color BR30?


Most often than not, early entrance into a field means a favorable dominance in it. Philips Hue had that for a while, but Lifx came and shattered that monopoly. There are quite a number of reasons why the BR30 is a preferred option to the Hue.

Bright and Accurate Colors: First off, it gives out a brilliant glow that can turn your room into a bright and well-lit arena. It is packed with upward of 1000 lumens that ensure that you have that great lighting experience. it also gives you a very vivid and accurate color of light that gives an exhilarating experience.

Less Energy Consumption: a bulbs performance is measured by many things. One of this is the energy consumption/conservation rate. The Color 1000 uses less power. At its highest brightness, it uses 11 watts which are far less than the original. More than just energy conservation, its energy consumption also transmit to dollars in your pocket. At 11 watts energy consumption, it saves you some seven dollars annually. Not so much though, but it means something.

IFTTT Compatible: a smart light won’t be so smart if you can’t tweak it to suit your needs. You will agree that synchronizing your bulbs with other smart products in the home is another reason why we opt for smart LED lights. Lifx Color 1000 is very compatible with IFTTT such that allows you to create awesome recipes at any point and time of the day.

Product Specs


Bright: it is designed to provide powerfully bright lights that give your great luminance. This makes it a good option to chase the shadows in your room in a very colorful way. The Lifx Color 1000 provides nearly 1,000 lumens of brightness at the highest settings, so you don’t have to worry about a dull moment using it.

Life-Span: with a calculation of 3 hours daily use, it is estimated to last some twenty-two years. With that much, you get to enjoy a lasting light in your home or office.

Alexa Compatible: The BR 30 can be synced with Alexa for ease of use and access to a wider range of control. With this, you will be able to automate your bulbs with other smart home appliances and perform some customized commands to your preference by just saying so.

Hardware: the hardware is designed in a short cylindrical plastic edge that allows the bulb’s glow shine brighter and reach wider. The flat top of the bulbs allows for more far-reaching delivery of light ray so that it brightens your room more.

The glow is further enhanced with the 1100 lumens of brightness that is packed into the bulb. And then there is the 16 million colors and 1000 shades of white light that range from warm which is the brightest to cool white light. These features are better pronounced among the second and third generations of its Smart bulbs of which BR 30 is one.

The Good, The Bad and The Verdict


No matter how splendid a smart bulb is, there will surely be a few things about it that may not be too good. Here, I will be discussing a few of the good and the bad things about the BR 30 bulb.

The Good

Compared to Philips Hue’s 15,000 estimated use hour span, Lifx Color 1000 delivers a whopping 40,000 hours of lifespan. If efficiency is anything to go by, I think the lifespan of LED bulb is an essential factor to consider, and Lifx brings that heavily to the table.

Designed in a short cylindrical edge which allows brighter and wider reach, the bulb shows that design can be an enhancing factor to its delivery. The flat top of the bulbs allows for more far-reaching distribution of light ray so that it brightens your room more.

For users who fancy brighter glow of light and longer life span, it is evident that their choice will be the Lifx because of its higher lumen delivery compared to Hue

The Bad

I can’t help but notice that there is a little time lag when you send a command from the app to the bulb. This delay gets quite obvious with prolonged use of the lamp. To the everyday user, this may not be an issue, but I thought lit is worth bringing it up since it is noticeable.

Further, there seem to be just three main features to the functionality and control from the app: configuration, dimming and changing colors. Well, if that is all you want in a smart bulb, you may not complain. Comparing that to some other app like the Hue’s, you have a very robust control feature and management tab.

Furthermore, on the efficiency of the lamp, there is the issue of heat generation. When in use, the the lamp generates more heat from the lamp. This can be quite discomforting when it is used as a bedside lamp.

The Verdict

Without bias, I am confident to say that with all its shortcoming, Lifx Color 1000 pose a better and more user-friendly light than most of the LED bulbs that are in the same range with it.

I strongly recommend it as a viable selection for anyone who will like to have a more colorful light in their homes.