Ilumi Bulb Review

Ilumi Bluetooth LED Bulbs: A Review

[Updated 05/27] The craze is quite rampant to see LED bulbs with Wi-Fi or ZigBee connecting capacity. Well, Ilumi took a new turn to the creation of its LED light.  In this Ilumi bulb review, we will do an appraisal of its novelty in smart light designs and check out features and specs of this great LED lamp.

Bluetooth connection bulbs may not be a novelty in all sense, but this brand of LED light took that a notch higher with its A 19 and BR 30 bulb sets. Designed with color changing capacity and scheduling features, the light can be synchronized with music from your device or any detected device around. It then emits lights to match the beat of songs being played. To be candid, this is not bad for a smart Bluetooth LED bulb.

The Pros and Cons

Ilumi Bluetooth LED Bulb

Without further ado, let’s proceed to know the advantages and disadvantages of this brand of smart light. By extension, that is exactly what this Ilumi review is about, so we might as well get to it right away.


No Bridge or Hub Required: this may just be the most outstanding advantage of the bulbs yet. You don’t need to purchase an independent bridge or connect via a hub. All you need do is to connect the bulbs to the socket, download the app and it is already in control.

Sleek and Easy Set-Up: as hinted in the point above, the setup process can conveniently be adjudged as the most comfortable in the range of Bluetooth LED bulbs out there. Just connect via the app, and you can control the light as you please.


Quite Expensive: given the fact that it has a limited connection range of Bluetooth technology you will agree with me that the bulbs are quite pricey for what they deliver. Pitched at a selling price just below the Philips A 19 bulb, the Ilumi A 19 doesn’t offer as much as the Hue. So it is indeed expensive for its features.

Aesthetic Appraisal Of The Ilumi Bulb

Ilumi Bluetooth LED Bulb

Now that we are done with the pros and cons let us examine the aesthetic features of Ilumi bulbs. At least, you will agree most people buy the smart lights more because of their aesthetic appeals than any other reason. Anything further from that is side-attractions.

Designed with a conical shaped plastic body that ends with a silver rim, the body of the bulbs are specially crafted for full thermal performance. In plain English language, that means the plastic body helps it perform better. In essence, its bodily design is aesthetical as well as efficient.

For its illumination part, the A 19 bulbs have a dome-like glass that allows wider dispersion of lights into every available angle. With this, you have a better glow and shine from the bulb. The BR 30, however, has a wider illumination angles that give it a better lighting capacity.

Features and Functionality

Sun Tone Mimic Ability: if not for anything, for the thrilling appeal alone, you will find this very fascinating too. These bulbs allow you to preset them to change with the tone of the sun during the course of each day. It means that your room will take a bright and white illuminating hue during the morning hours and dim to cast a warm hue as the day sets. I am talking about bringing ‘sun up’ and ‘sun down’ right into your living room! This is smart indeed.

Ilumi Bluetooth LED Bulb

Extended Connection Range: Starting with a 50 ft. Bluetooth connection range, the newer generation of the bulbs have extended connection range of 150 ft. This now allows users have a longer connection range and more roam capacity. The extension was made possible with the improvement on its power antennae. Growth hacking innovation like this one is what makes a smart bulb brand remain relevant in the market. However, the extension in connection range is still limiting when compared to what other brands have to offer: Wi-Fi and ZigBee connection modes.

Ilumi Bluetooth LED Bulb

Flash Memory: Given the limited range of connection, it is only best that the Ilumi brand design a product that can store some preset in-device and can also retrieve stored data for use. Their A 19 lamps particularly have a high flash memory that allows it save your presets and retrieve them for you when needed.

Presence Detection Feature: when within range, the bulb is designed with an auto-detection capacity to identify the connected device. This allows it to come on and off when the connected device comes within range.

Kevin / Lumen Specs: With a production power of 800 lumens, the bulbs have a strong brightness capacity allowing them to render bright shining lights. For a white light generation, it has a capacity range from 2,000 to 5,000 Kelvin. This gives room for dimming and brightening capacity for waking up and luring you to sleep.

Our Verdict

Having done the Ilumi review thus far, I believe you are well acquainted with the features of the brand. Now, here is our decision on the overall nature of the brand of smart light.

Using the app, the first disturbing fact is the heavily cluttered home screen giving it a poor rating from our review. Options are packed in the menu which needs to be pulled out for use. This is incontestably poor when it determining sleek user experience.

For scheduling, we give it up for Ilumi. In this regards, there is a remarkable development there. Much like the Hue or Lifx, it can be scheduled to wake you up in the morning or to activate the vacation mode that switches on/off the light to give the impression that you are still home. That is some ingenious work there by the team.

Finally, until the developer step-up their game with upgrades like IFTTT features, long-distance connection, and better app design, Ilumi may not be a considerable alternative for the big brand like Hue and Lifx.

These regardless, Ilumi is an ingenious smart light initiative that leaves up to its reputation of better lighting. When compared to other Bluetooth connection LED lights, it sure delivers more.