iFree call recorder for Skype is an excellent recorder for Skype users. If you want to record your Skype conversations for free without restrictions, it’s the best you can ever have. The tool allows you to record your Skype calls with so much efficiency. It’s simple and compatible with windows, so it’s never going to give you hard time while using it. Be prepared to record all the calls you have thought of recording because there is nothing like limitation with this software. Many users feel like this is one of the best tools available since it permits you to record all Skype calls for free and in high quality. It does record Skype conversations automatically too, so it is that convenient. In some cases, however, you may not need to record your calls automatically, so you change to manual, that’s why it provides both for you. It is easiest to install as well as free to download. Now let’s get on to the role of recording Skype calls in different modes, it can allow you record both sides, only record remote side and lastly only record my side, so users have the freedom to choose who and not to show while recording calls with this software, also it will save your audio Skype calls in MP3 file format.

Features of iFree

·        The tool has various recording BitRate such as 32, 64, 96, 128, 192 and 256, however, we think setting “32 or 64” is the best option

·        It also comes mono, stereo or joint Stereo recording mode, so you choose one while you record your Skype conversations

·        We said earlier that this application records in high quality, and yes it obviously does and that’s  exactly what captures people’s attention about

·        Certainly, we wonder if this tool will not excite you the more when it begins to reply back to your contacts, people really appreciate this feature because they have nothing to worry about when they are away from their computer knowing that the app will do the needful by responding back accordingly.

·        It is extremely useful to all the people who never wish to spend money on a Skype recorder; you will be allowed to record everything at a zero cost. Amazing, isn’t it? And we love to recommend it because it is also reliable and very straightforward.

·        Keeping notes got easier with this software, while you record your Skype calls, you can take quick notes on the side if you want to anyway.

Advantages of iFree

·        There are no recording charges with this software, you record for free

·        It is efficient and super reliable at tracing your Skype recorded files

·        No wasting time with this tool as it records Skype calls automatically

Disadvantages of iFree

·        Of course this app is free, but it has a premium version which is actually a bit priced, so be aware that you will not get it for free.

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