GE Link Bulb

GE Link Bulb: Economically Bright Lighting Idea For You

[updated 5/26]There are some connected LED bulbs out there today, but it is not just smart LED lights that matter. A smarter and brighter lighting idea is what the GE Link bulbs promises and delivers. These promises are fulfilled through the A 19 bulb and other smart lights by General Electric.

The bulbs are made with smart LED lamps that can be controlled remotely with the aid of Wink app through your mobile phones. It makes them a simple and bright illumination idea for your home lighting system.

In the starter kit are one Hub and two A 19 bulbs with soft white lights. These produce 2700 kelvins of illumination that is the equivalent of 8000 lumens. The brighter the lumen, the whiter the light emitted, so with the GE A 19, you get a bright white light that is smart enough to be controlled from anywhere.

Beyond just creating wireless lamps for everyday use, General Electric has made the smart lighting systems available for everyone through the A 19 and its other variants of Link starter kits. They are economically priced and well affordable at $50 and below for everyone who delights in having the GE LED lighting.

There is so much to gain when you purchase this bulb from Amazon because it is retailed at $37 saving you a whole lot more. Aside from the A 19, there are some other variants of the starter pack like the BR 30 and the PAR 38.

Features of The Bulb

When you choose to purchase the Link LED lights, there are a few things that you should know. Things like the feature and specs of each variant of smart bulbs and how to connect and use them. In this section of the review, we will discuss the features of Link bulbs and how they apply to you as a user. Bear in mind that the hub does not allow you to connect and use it with other LED lights, so when you purchase it, you are in a close circle of use range.

Remote Control

As with all smart bulbs that use the ZigBee connection, you can control the lighting in your home when using the GE Link. There is no limit to the distance through which you can exert control over the lighting in your home.

There is a little hitch, however, with the controlling ability of the Hub. It cannot be used to control other bulbs. So, when buying the starter kit, be aware of limitations in cross-platform control.

Compatibility With Wink App

With these lights, you need to leverage the Wink app to be able to exert the control highlighted above. When connecting the lamps, the Wink app is what helps you synchronize the LED lights to your phone enabling controlling capacity.

Easy Set-Up

Apart from being an economically viable lighting idea, these systems also have one distinct delight, which is the ease of set-up. To do this, you just connect the hub and synchronize it with the Wink app. After which, you connect the bulb, and you are ready to go.

Wink and GE Link: Brighter Idea With Ease Of Use

Smart appliances are usually considered because of their sophistication and simplicity of use. That is exactly what the starter kit delivers. In itself, the smart bulbs from General Electric is a great work, combining it with the power of Wink app makes it a perfect embodiment of easy-to-use smart light.

Wink is the control panel aspect of the lights and from where you get to do all the controlling and setting up that you desire from your home lighting system. Once the bulbs are synchronized and connected to the app, you can make any desired adjustment and configuration from any location. With the Wink, your GE starter kit experience is transformed into a boundless controlling spree.

Besides operating the bulbs from anywhere on the Wink app, you can also use the wink to control other smart products. It gives you a wider control scope beyond just the LED lights.

It also provides the capacity to schedule your home lighting system to automatically come on or go off at specific times during the day, based on your choice set up. Although the control scope may not be as extended and sophisticated as the Philips Hue app, the Wink app is just good enough for the cost. One cannot expect so much given the difference in price.



Unboxing The Starter Kit

When you purchase the GE starter kit, you obviously have decided to opt for a system that is economically viable and aptly efficient for home lighting. Now, let us do an overview of contents in the GE kit.

The Bulbs:

GE Link Bulb

The starter kit (A 19) contains bulbs that emit soft white lights. With an average lifespan of 25,000 hours and 12 wattages (the equivalent of 60), the lamp is designed with a 2,700-kelvin color temperature that shines a brighter light.

Designed for indoor use only, the A 19 link lamps fits into a screw-able bulb socket and works just like any other smart bulb. Connecting the bulb is as easy taking it out of the packet and screwing it into the socket.

At 2.47 inches in height, the LED bulb is stronger and more energy conserving than the traditional incandescent lamps.

The Hub:

GE Link Bulb

Serving as the point of connection between you and the LED light, it creates an opportunity for the user to manage and manipulate the lamp to their taste and preference.

Without being close to the bulb, once you are connected to it, using the Wink, you can configure the link bulbs to work in sync with all other smart things in your home. By this, the hub allows you turn your home into a super combo of smart appliances.

Setting Up The Starter Kit

In this part of our review, we will be taking a look at the process of installing and using the Link lamps. To set-up and use the bulbs is as easy as unboxing and switching on the light.

  1. Connect The Link Bulb

After the purchase of your GE starter kit, get the bulbs out of the pack and fix them to a power-connected lamp holder. This process follows the same protocol as setting the traditional incandescent lamps; it should not be a difficult task. The next step after this is to connect the hub.

  1. Connect The Hub

Being the linking point for the GE LED light and your smartphone for control, you will need to connect this to a power source too. Just plug it into a power socket and wait for the connection light on the hub to come on.

The flashing light on the hub denotes different stages of connection.

Pink Glow: this indicates that it is disconnected from the internet connection.

Yellow Glow: means an attempt to create connection and synchronization between the hub and the internet connection

Blue Glow: this shows that a connection has been made and is ready to be used.

Flickering Blue Glow: showing that the hub is in the process of connecting or disconnecting with your device.

Red Glow indicates a failure to pair with the device.

Green Glow: shows a successful connection to your device.

Flickering Green Glow: indicating that the connected device is in a state of change.

  • Match GE Link and Wink

The GE Link and the Wink are connected to allow for a seamless interaction between both devices. To achieve this connection, pair the wink with the hub, and you are ready to use. Below is a more detailed breakdown process by stages:

  1. Connect the Hub: this is exactly the process highlighted above. It is achieved by pairing to the wink and utilizing it for control purpose.
  2. Sign Up and Add the Hub: the follow-up process is to register on the Wink app if you don’t have an account yet. Then, proceed to add the connected hub to your registered wink and proceed to use.
  3. Connect and Use: after achieving sign up process, proceed to configure the wink and the bulbs into any specification or mood that you like.


Thus far, this has been a breezy exposition of the Link bulb. We hope that you agree with us that the GE Link bulb is indeed an economically viable LED bulb for every home.