G-Recorder is more popular than ever. It allows you to record your Skype calls on windows, and gone are the days where you had to first login to your Skype to have access to your files, this one is easy to operate and saves your recorded files to your Gmail account too which makes it easiest to track your recordings wherever you go. Of course we are not limited to recording just audio Skype calls with this software, but also we can record Skype chats, so take some time to think about your needs, before you get a recorder. Maybe the recorder you love to use is this particular one? Maybe you are just excited and you just wanna record away everything.

Not all Skype recorders have the ability to export your existing Skype chat history to your Gmail box, the reason why we are recommending this app to you right now. It is different and offer unique features that you may never find in other Skype recorders available, offering you a much higher quality when it comes to recording your audio Skype calls.

If you are the lazy bird, and like convenience too much, you might get over whelmed by this app, because you will be able to access your files on mobile, it’s just a matter of having internet and sign in to your email account.

How to use G-Recorder

  • Search for G-Recorder and get ready to have it
  • You will see two versions, G-recorder standard and G-Recorder Professional
  • We advise you to first try the free trial version, which is G-Recorder standard
  • Click on download the software on your computer
  • In case your Skype is open, close it
  • Click on the app when it finishes to download
  • And if prompted, click yes on the user account control message
  • Now, you tap on Next & i agree button to allow the terms of the app.
  • Click on Install, so that the app can start to install
  • After that simple step, click on Finish, you should be able to see it at the end of the wizard.
  • Log in to your Skype account after launching it
  • You will get a notification asking you to Click Allow Access
  • As soon as you finish giving it access, you are free to make a Skype call
  • Once you make a call, it will as well begin to record automatically
  • To end it, Click Stop and it will be saved in your specified folder on the computer.

Features of G-Recorder

  • This software allows you control the notification sound of your Skype call recording, you can choose to leave it on o turn it off if you do not want to be distracted
  • You will be pleased to find that this Skype recorder can as well forward Skype calls to any email account

Advantages of G-Recorder

  • It can record Skype calls and chats to Gmail
  • It also records audio calls to local disk