Flux Bluetooth Smart LED Bulb: A Review

Playing the perfect alternative to Wi-Fi connected LED bulbs, Bluetooth connected LED lights have taken a long shot at delivering smart lighting to every home that wants a low-cost yet efficient lighting system. Even among the Bluetooth-connected bulbs, some brands have more performance tendencies than others. In this FluxSmart Bluetooth bulb review, we will get to know the tendencies of thr LED light.

Although not as sophisticated as Wi-Fi connected bulbs, Bluetooth technology in LED lighting has played just as much important role. Considering a few outstanding factors like lower-cost per purchase and dynamism, it’s safe to say that Bluetooth bulbs are relevant in their rights. Since we are looking to analyze FluxSmart Bluetooth LED light, it is important that we get to know it.


What About The Flux Bluetooth LED Light?

Flux Bluetooth LED Light Bulb

Boasting some 16 million color spectrum to choose from, FluxSmart gives you a wide range of white colors to choose from. It provides you with a brighter and more brilliant white light – from the crisp yellow-white to warm blue-white. For control, Flux app is compatible with iOS and Android devices making it fit for everyone to use.

As an upgrade to the first generation LED light, FluxSmart is more advanced with great new features and better functionality. An example of this can be found in its shareable presets features. With this, is capable of sharing some customs presets with your friends and family via email or SMS. This allows for a more seamless connecting capacity among multiple connected users.

FluxSmart: The Pros and Cons

Flux Bluetooth LED Light Bulb

As a critical appraisal that this review is, I will not hesitate to highlight the pros and cons of FluxSmart as a smart bulb.


Simple Set-Up Process: as a Bluetooth smart bulb, FluxSmart is not hard or difficult to set up. All you need do is to screw the bulb into the lamp holder and the search for the Flux application on the relevant app store.

After this has been done, you just continue to manage and control the bulb as you please. You already have a smart bulb at your fingertip.

Longevity: with an estimated lifespan of 20, 000 hours per 3 hours daily usage rate, FluxSmart provides you a longer bulb lifespan. It guarantees the user a whopping 25 years usage that is far more satisfying than the average incandescent bulbs.

Camera Customizable Mode: FluxSmart LED bulbs allows you to customize live events into your daily lighting moods. All you need to do is take a snapshot of any current environment that you fancy, and FluxSmart will help to communicate that colors into the bulbs. Then you have your room lit up to match the preferred mood.


Non-Compatibility With Third Party Apps: with all the goodness packed into FluxSmart Bluetooth bulbs, they do not provide the capacity to connect to or leverage them. Here is a major drawback because it inhibits the use of additional features like the IFTTT and a level of geofencing.

Whereas brands like Hue and Lifx can use apps like Amazon Echo and Samsung SmartThing, they are not compatible with FluxSmart.

Non-Availability of Windows App: FluxSmart is only available for Android and iOS users, the LED light doesn’t have a functional app for Windows operating system users. In this single acts, it has cut back a huge chunk of potential users.

Limited Connection Range: equipped with the facility to reach as far as 30fts after which, it goes out of connection range, the FluxSmart shows a potent flaw.  Users should know beforehand that they cannot be able to use the Flux app once out of Bluetooth range. This here is another glaring shortcoming of Flux smart bulb.

Feature and Functionality

Flux Bluetooth LED Light Bulb

App Controls 50 Bulbs: with the Flux app, one can conveniently control up to 50 bulbs and schedule them in groups or singularly. Regardless of range limit based on the Bluetooth connection mode, you may still manage up to 50 flux bulbs.

To achieve this, all you need to do is download the Flux app to your preferred device and start to experience the remarkable control of all the bulbs in your home.

Efficient Light Bulbs: the Flux smart is totally efficient in energy generation and conserves more power than your every incandescent lamp. In figures, it consumes only about seven wattages of electricity thereby preserving some 80% of energy for you.

If efficient power is anything to go by, then FluxSmart is quite an energy efficient lighting system regarding power consumption. Agreed that it may not be able to deliver a very high lumen compared to other smart bulbs, but it does help to conserve your energy.

Party Mode Compatible: FluxSmart does more than just give you smart LED lights, it can also be used to liven up your home party when you want to get down. Custom-made with some 20 party color modes, you get the opportunity of selecting any of these or configure your own to provide a smooth party lighting experience in your home.

Specifically designed for indoor use, the FluxSmart may not be a good choice for outdoor party lighting. So, one is restricted to small indoor gatherings alone as options for lighting.     

Personalized Lighting: selecting from the 16 million color available on the FluxSmart, you get to create your personal light recipe. Whether a combination of different shades of white lights to wake you up in the morning or a cooler hue to lure you to bed at evenings, Flux has got you covered there.

Each of the 16 million colors provided all possess the ability to be dimmed. This grants you further control over making a perfect recipe for light to suit your mood and style any time during the day.

Shareable Presets: not only does Flux allows you to configure your own presets of color recipes, but it also enables you to share them with friends and family. With this function, you are able to pass on and receive preferred light recipes from friends and relatives and get to share those awesome moods with each other.

Our Verdict

There is no denying the fact that the FluxSmart LED bulbs are great, and that they deliver an impressive lighting experience for their users. However, a major drawback that plagued the LED light is the limited range of Bluetooth connection. With the only 30fts option, there is a limit to how you control the bulbs and from where.

Although the Flux app is also quite sleek its way, it could do with a revamping.  Showing a circle color wheel and some options below, the Flux application has a somewhat drab look to it. More so, it only shows a brightness/reduction option bar at the bottom; no option for lumen control. We could use that though.

Truth be told, one could almost say that the Flux app lacks color to it, and a smart lighting app at that. At look at the schedule timer page of Flux application will undoubtedly pass this message across.

Finally, the overall brightness of FluxSmart bulb are not as good as what is obtainable today; even for a low-cost LED lamp. We really can do with some improvement in this area.

These highlighted “set-backs” regardless; the FluxSmart lights are an entirely great choice if we are to consider their economical and flexible nature.