Callnote is another fantastic way to enjoy recording your Skype calls. This software is simple and provides the means for you to record both video and audio Skype calls, allowing you to share them with different people on either Facebook or OneNote etc. With this software; you have more recording functions than ever before that you can use. It is one of the most widely used recorder available today and many of us love nothing but the ability to take snapshots of our Skype calls. It is reliable and easy to record with.. it’s a bonus if a recorder can edit your Skype call Notes as well, because not every recorder is capable of doing that. Most of them will just edit videos which makes this tool even more advanced. Want to know which operating system it’s compatible with? Of course its windows and its free to download from its official website. It is suitable for all Skype calls, be it business or personal calls, it will still perform at its best giving you high quality results – it is among the apps we consider to excel in certain areas such as recording Skype video calls in HD, and recording hangouts, Viber etc

How to record

  • Download/ install Callnote on your PC
  • After it installs, click on the app icon in the windows
  • Click Allow access button to accept it to work from Skype
  • Test the app by calling someone in your contacts
  • You use the free version to test call because it’s the one you download
  • Click the start recording button and it will begin to record immediately
  • Alternatively, you can choose to record the Skype call manually, and just disregard clicking on the start recording button.
  • Click Stop Recording when you have finished
  • Rename the recorded file and select desktop as your file destination
  • So to payback is cheap, you just go to your desktop where you saved the file
  • Double click on the same file, the moment you hear your voice, it clearly shows your set up was successful

Features of Callnote

  • This software is good choice for recording WebEx meetings and conversations, because of this, it’s ideal for business calls.
  • It’s great when it comes to picking up sound, whatever you say will definitely come out as it is with this Skype recorder, which makes your playback worth sharing because you will that everything is clear
  • It is also useful for podcasts because it ensures super high quality sound
  • If you want to prove how user friendly this tool is, just take another step of downloading it on your windows PC and you see what we are talking about exactly, in fact one of the reasons why users prefer using it to record their calls because there is nothing like difficulty.

Advantages of Callnote

  • This app was designed for you to record not only audio Skype calls, but also video calls
  • It comes with an intuitive interface




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