12 Best Skype Call Recorder For Windows PC For Free In 2019

If you are serious about having your business and personal Skype calls recorded like yesterday, you need Skype recorder software. The good news is we are taking the work out of hunting down recorder applications and putting it all together in just one convenient list.

These will offer everything you need for the best recording experience on your own. High quality? Compatible with Windows? Check, let’s take a look at some of the best options you can grab yourself today


This offers a unique way to access your recorded files without stress. G-Recorder is perfectly compatible with windows and allows you to record Skype calls in high quality. While most apps only save your recorded files on the computer, this one saves both on your computer and Gmail box, which obviously make life easier.

It is a friendly tool where anyone can easily record their Skype calls, also perfect for the first-timers. G-Recorder is the among the best Skype recorders of all time, that’s why we recommend it. It allows you to deactivate Skype call recording notifications: you simply just un-tick its box and they will stop playing.

G-Recorder features exporting current Skype chat history to your email and makes sure all data remains intact. Users can log in to their email accounts and they will access the files at any time. Also, if you happen to access the internet, you will be able to track as well as playback your recordings.

The tool is easy to master once you download it and it includes simple buttons, many G-Recorder users warn how addicting and exciting it is.

Moreover, the program has 2 versions: Standard and Professional version, if you are using standard version which is the freeware of G-Recorder, you might need to upgrade to Professional version later because, it will limit you from recording your Skype calls for a lifetime, also there are certain features you would never have access to, for example, searching for your history and forwarding Skype calls to any email etc.


Vodburner Skype Video Recorder

Vodburner allows you to record audio and video Skype calls. The tool is probably a better deal for you when it comes to recording your personal Skype conversations. Having said personal calls does not necessarily mean that it is not capable of recording business calls.

It can record them too very well, as long as you have the right requirements for it, for example, both users need to be with Vodburner installed if you want to avoid the watermark problem.

So if you are to use this application to record business calls, you need to be very careful and cautious, otherwise, you might end up being disappointed with the quality of your Skype video call. Remember to always ask the person you are about to video call, if they Vodburner. And the power will be in your hands to protect the quality of your Skype video call.

Do you want to capture some great moments during your Skype video call recording but you have no idea how to go about it? Worry no more and relax, the app allows you to do so and it is not even limited, you can even just decide to capture everything you see in the video and trust me,  they will also be stored on your computer for later.

The user won’t just be recording Skype conversations, but also will be in the position to edit their video calls, which can be shared with friends and it will save them in MP4/ WMV format.


TalkHelper call recorder for Skype

Simple, reliable and always ready for action best describe TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype. Perfect for recording business calls such as interviews and conferences, there are amazing features, including taking captures of every Skype video frame, it might sound impossible, but to prove it just try this app.

There are automatic settings which helps you to record your Skype calls automatically. This aside, users love the freeware of this app because it has no functional limit, unlike other tools. It will allow you to record for free; the only drawback is that it will let you record for only seven days which leaves you yearning for more.

This app also allows you to playback your recorded files since it gets to save them on your computer. Users of this tool will have their Skype conversations recorded in high quality and all audio Skype calls will be saved as MP3 or WAV file format.

End users will love the voice mails and voice messages recording capability, which means you will not be limited to only video and audio Skype call recording but also much more. Additionally, for un experienced, this app will be a great way to record your Skype calls, it is really user-friendly and it has a direct interface too.

In other words, we think there is no Skype call that is complete without a recorder. Whether it is a personal call or business call, sometimes you will find yourself wishing to record some of those wonderful moments, and TalkHelper of course comes handy because it is very reliable.


iFree Skype Recorder

Do you want to record your Skype calls for free with no limited attached? iFree Skype Recorder may be the perfect app for you. The program allows you to record for free, and features genuine and high detailed recording functions, it’s one of the highest rated apps on market to date, so even if you have never used any recorder to record Skype calls, you will definitely find this one easy and of course enjoyment in it.

One of the most interesting features of this app is the ability to record calls on different sides, for example, Record both sides, only record my side or only record remote side. This means you can choose whatever side you want while recording.

Users will be able to select either automatic or manual recording right when they are about to get started with making a call, however, if you asked us which is better? We would advise you to set automatic settings, this means you will not be bothered at all whenever you make calls, the app will just remind itself and it will always make it records your Skye calls automatically.

People with this application installed on their computer say they love it for simplicity and interesting recording functions.

You will be offered more than you expect from this app compared to other tools available, in addition, before we actually forget to mention, this software is only compatible with windows. So help yourself and grab it now if you use windows.


Pamela for Skype

Who wouldn’t be excited at the thought of having both their Skype calls recorded? How about being reminded about your friends birthdays? Pamela is a modern Skype recorder tool that allows you to record all Skype calls automatically, note: designed for windows.

This app will get you excited during your Skype call recording period as it will always warn you that the ongoing call is under recording, and at the time when we thought that’s all it can offer, we also discovered that it supports Email forwarding, so whatever you record, can be possibly forwarded.

With all the amazing features this app offers, it still allows you to add short notes to your video calls, how cool can that be? It is such a simple tool for whoever is interested in it. In fact, it’s beyond being simple, we think.

We also know that it has troubled many users to have a recorder which cannot capture calls, that is why we think you should try this pick. Pamela can capture your video Skype calls effortlessly; it will be your way to start capturing your video calls and store them on your computer.

However, there’s a limit with its freeware version which is Pamela Basic, it only allows you to record for just fifteen minutes, and since this is not reliable, you can always get the paid version, like Professional and Business, they are very accessible from the official website of Pamela for Skype.


AthTek Call Recorder for Skype

For extraordinary recording experience for yourself, you cannot do better than AthTek software. And one takes just a single click and it will I record your Skype calls automatically, and has the manual recording as well, allowing you to take charge of it. It also allows users to record video and audio Skype calls.

Perhaps, there are a dozen of apps that you have probably used to record your Skype calls before, but the best of them all is AthTek, which includes much better recording functions than most of the tools on the market, and there’s something cool about hearing that this app supports invisible mode for parental authority motive.

This app makes you feel like some type of way when you use it to record your Skype calls – users like to play around with their video calls by adding memos, just to enjoy the experience and also see how different it can come out.

And the fact it is compatible with all versions of windows makes it even easier to access. All you have to do is simply download the app on your Windows PC, then wait for it to install – and all will be ready. What really makes AthTek such a perfect recorder for you is that it can upload your Skype recorded files on FTP if you have an account there. And this Skype recorder is consistently surprised when it comes to its high-quality results and unique design.

Amolto Call Recorder for Skype

The best app you can get is one that excites you and does record your Skype calls. Welcome to Amolto. The software is simple and is capable to record your Skype conversations at your own pace. If you want to also record other VoIP calls, this tool will still be the way to go.

It produces consistently great quality results. It has always been the easiest way to record Skype calls on windows. You will have many recording features and it allows you to record your calls with less hassle. Its way of recording calls is the same as any other Skype recorder on the market, it records automatically and provides a Stop button, which you click on as soon as you finish recording and the file will get saved on your computer.

Installing couldn’t be simpler. There is only one button. You click Allow access to give it access to work from Skype and then make a call, so it will record automatically like i mention earlier.

The app also makes it easy for end users to track their recorded history; it will not take long for it to retrieve everything you tried to search for. In our test, we realised that when you search for the history, it brings out all the details of the call you made. For all that side, the shame of this Skype recorder is that it does not allow you to record Skype video calls with the free version it offers.


Mp3 Skype recorder

This one is the best way to go. Mp3 Skype recorder is your best bet because it’s free; it will record your Skype calls without wasting money on it. It is a good option, but will not offer Skype video call recording, which may disappoint you a bit if your plans are to record both video and audio  Skype calls with it.

It is one of the simplest we have found, and its interface is more intuitive to use than some of other apps we have tried.

The tool has automatic and manual settings; users are free to pick any they feel comfortable with. It comes with features like capturing every Skype call you make and performs really well. Additionally, we also noticed that it is possible to minimize the tool while recording your Skype calls;

You have two options while launching it, you either minimize it or disable it, so the choice is yours really, this will help you to open other web pages while it monitors your ongoing Skype call recording in the background and I bet that’s what every user likes because I mean it would get boring if you were just looking the interface counting minutes of your recording, otherwise, there is a pause feature, so while you record, feel free to click on the button in case you want to pardon yourself.

Last but least, we think getting Mp3 Skype recorder is worthwhile because it is completely free and ensures high-quality sound.


Callnote Video call recorder

In our test, Callnote also delivered high-quality results. It is super reliable and easy to use after you download it. It is the only one of our pick that offers WebEx online meeting as well as Facebook call snapshots. However, we feel confident about this recommendation because of its reputation for recording in high quality and from our own testing experience. Also, if you want something that is not complicated, it’s the one to get.

It will give you much power when you use it to record your calls, for example, you can edit your recorded videos; remove the unnecessary parts you don’t want to keep etc. we like the way it will organize Skype calls from Skype chats, and it is also lightweight, so it will require minimal space on your computer and it does not have viruses, so you cannot afford to miss downloading this program.

That said, Callnote has two versions: Callnote Premium and Callnote professional – Premium is free but has some limitations, whereas Professional requires payment but has better features, like the one we talked about here earlier of cutting out unwanted parts from your Skype video call – you can only edit them if you are using Professional version, you can even record facebook video calls, hangouts, Viber as well as both video and audio Skype conversations in  high definition, oh, before we forget to  mention, it is also unlimited, you will record for a lifetime not until you get tired.


Evaer video recorder for Skype

A perfect Skype recorder app is efficient, automatic and easy to use; It should be convenient just like Evaer. If you want to show your video while you record, this is for you. This program is good for business calls as well as personal calls; it will record both video and audio Skype calls, and will also allow you to share music during your Skype call recording, which makes the experience more enjoyable, not only can it record Skype calls but will make sure to record Skype video messages and voice mails, these will also be stored directly to your computer and the user will be in position to playback the files in the future.

When users choose this application, they should aware that this tool will start to record their Skype calls automatically, also it can capture the original data of the Skype video call.

It offers the best simplicity for most people – furthermore, you can save your Skype calls independently, video calls in AVI /MP4 format, and audio calls in MP3 format – it actually wrapped  all the amazing features you would like in a Skype recorder. You only need the right requirements for examples windows and you will be already there.

Supertintin Skype recorder

Supertintin is another advanced Skype recorder tool, it can do a lot of basic things like recording video and audio Skype calls – basically it records all Skype conversations as easily as placing a call in Skype and it will begin to record automatically because it detects once you do that – and being honest, that’s how most us get attracted.

Moreover, it does it well and saves them so that you can playback your recordings. Thanks to its intuitive interface that delivers high-quality recordings efficiently and effectively.

The tool will quickly display all the details of a call if you ever search for them – interestingly, it can allow you to record local webcam only, side by side, picture-in-picture, remote webcam only or nothing, also select the size of your Skype video call recording.

Sadly, its free version lacks some of the advanced features, and it will not even record for long, just five minutes and that will be it – to access the advanced features like recording Skype calls forever, you will have to upgrade and get the paid version, however, Supertintin Skype recorder has just about everything you want in a Skype recorder: reliability, high quality, and a user friendly interface. What more will you ask for with this software on your computer?

Dvdvideosoft Free Skype Video Recorder

You will never wonder about what Dvdvideosoft’s free Skype video recorder is all about. The program is free and compatible with windows. It supports video and audio Skype calls – mind you, it ensures high-quality recording however much it is completely free.

It is so simple to get started with its direct buttons, as we all clearly know that the start button is there to be clicked on so that the app can start recording the Skype call since it does not record automatically – the pause button is for when perhaps you want to first finish something else, then resume again – and the third button is Stop, simply click on it and it will stop recording.

As simple as that, anyone can run, even new users, and trust me you never find it complicated because that is all it has on its interface. Additionally, it is lightweight and free to download.


Skype recorders are perfect for recording and storing your information for future reference. In our guide, free and upgrade choice is all excellent apps. And that means they offer more high quality results and much more reliable. If you are not sure of what app you need, we have obviously created this just to walk you through the tasks each app is good at, what they are not good at, and we are confident enough that you find one to grab today.

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