10 Best PDF Converter On Windows

In today’s times, the Portable Document Format has taken the order of the day and people are going paperless in the documentation. The chances of getting the perfect converter may be out rightly difficult to find but to find the best PDF converter from the ones mentioned below is a guarantee. As a matter of fact having a PDF writer is a necessity for all level of business or personal work where PDF formatting is called for. Here are some of the top reviewed converting tools just to guide before going for that software and trust in your work.

Icecream PDF Converter


There have been a series of PDF converters that have ever been brought to the market. Its features are hand, ample and great. Its user interface is simple without any complex features making it an easy to use the software.

Something fascinating about this converting tool is that it can convert tools either individually or as a batch and still maintaining its original format. In a nutshell, the Icecream PDF converter has it all. However, a test of it in converting saw the missing of some images. Apart from that bug, it is a converter worth giving a try.


  • When working from “PDF”, users can convert from other formats such as PNG, GIF, HTML, JPG, TIFF, BMP, and ESP AND WM.
  • Supports texts in form of DOC, DOCX, ODT and all others under development.
  • The Icecream PDF converter also supports the mechanism of drag and drop to add files for conversion.
  • It is input with 11 major languages making it easily acceptable around the globe.


  • The software has been well layout to offer quick manoeuvre bringing out a superior performance.
  • To make sure that each page has been worked on can check using the split box.


  • It is only limited to converting only the first 10 pages of PDFs when using large files.
  • It takes a lot of time to convert hence calls for patience.

Soda PDF Converter


This software has been well equipped to exclusively deal with documents in PDF format. This suggests that conversion of PDFs from other formats is not supported. The few forms in which documents can be converted into is Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML, TXT, images (GIF, BMP, TIFF, JPEG, PING) and RTF.

Its conversion is of the best quality and the process. This is the ideal converting tool for all those that often use PDF documents. This is a product of the LULU software that is well known in solving all software problems.


  • Provides desktop and online converting solutions.
  • It allows converting, editing, merging reviewing, securing and signing your PDF from your computer or a smartphone.
  • PDFs can be created from other over 300 formats.
  • Courtesy of the paper flipping technology, the user can read PDF in 3D.
  • Comes with data protection features by adding the 256 bit AES password.


  • One can send and track contracts for electronic signatures.
  • Revision of documents using this application has made it less laborious.
  • Data is protected by restricting access from anyone giving you the peace of mind.
  • The new E-sign service is a secure and a trusted E signing tool to cater where signing is necessary.
  • It also comes with customer supporting agents where you can ask for help.
  • Has 8 languages input and is secure to use as it features password and access grants.


  • It is unable to work on ePub files

WPS PDF Word Converter


This is most popular for Android users for conversion in the following formats, Word, PPT and Excel in smartphones. In the list of having the best converters, the WPS PDF Word Converter is recognized making it feature n many of the top converting tools. The one amazing feature that makes it stand out is that it is easy to use.

Conversion is done by dragging files into the software working space. Not only does it convert to Word from PDF but also into DOC and DOCX. Just as the Nitro PDF converter it comes in two versions that is the app and online version. It has shown assurance that it can deliver and I could not disagree either. Having ever tried it, I can agree to the fact it is the best PDF converter especially for android devices.


  • The user has the advantage of converting by the touch of one key to support bulk outputting
  • Merging of files is supported as well as splitting.
  • The WPS can convert eBooks to editable formats.
  • Supports Window systems from X9, 10, 8, 7 and Vista.



  • Output retains all its format and styles as the original document that was being converted.
  • It is an easy to use software and does not need help when it comes to converting.
  • The online version does not require to be paid for while the application deals with large files without any bother.
  • The output is also of good quality.


  • To subscribe to the premium version it might be quite expensive.
  • This software has only one language input I.e. English.

Nitro PDF Converter


Those out there looking for efficient converting tools look no more as this is the solution to all your converting nightmares. Just like the TalkHelper, it comes with two versions. That is the PC application and the online version.

The desktop app is diverse though it needs to be paid for. Through tests made, a conclusion of it being very easy to use was drawn. Just for you to know before you download the App version is better off than the online version. When looking at its output, it is evident that it stands out to be the best converting software.


  • Comes with editing tools, reviews and mark up features to maintain the version control.
  • Has the ability to convert attachments, email messages and folders to PDF through the Microsoft Outlook Plugin.
  • An output is sent to the user’s email after conversion for an online version.
  • The online version allows access to Nitro cloud.
  • One Drive, Google Drive, DropBox and Box are integrated giving you the ability to access your document at any time.



  • It has the advantage of not being expensive hence saves on finances.
  • The output per time is relatively good as work produced is neat and clean.
  • The process of conversion does not change the way texts and formats appear.
  • Converting process is also generally fast.


  • It allows to a maximum of only up to 5 conversions a month limiting heavy users.
  • An output is received only via email for the online version.


Free Online OCR


Just as the name suggests, it applies the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to detect texts that have been scanned from the PDF documents. It is not easy to come across kind of online converting tools because it is an integration of good output delivering software and affordable. That is truly not a combination easy to come across to.

Only the Free Online OCR fits such a description. The only way documents are going to be converted here is by first scanning them. Documents here are all converted online.


  • Scans documents first before uploading.
  • Unlike most software that sends output to the email the Free Online OCR sends a link from where you can download your output.
  • Can be accessed anytime via a tablet, smartphone or PC.
  • Supports all kinds of an image even those of low resolution.
  • Installation is not required as work is mostly done online.


  • It does not mail output but rather sends a link from where you download your output.
  • The conversion process is fast once uploaded.
  • When using this software, you can use your PC, tablet or smartphone and perform conversion at any given time.


  • Texts may not be visible or may lack to appear at all if they are converted from a coloured background or if the texts were coloured.
  • Can convert a single file at a time.


UNIPDF  Converter


The UniPDF Word Converter as well comes in two versions. If you thought of the desktop application and the online version you are out rightly wrong. The two versions are the Free Trial and the Paid Version.

The difference comes in on the number they can convert per time the process of conversion can be simplified in that files can be added through dragging in the “Conversion Panel”. Once it is done, conversion begins by clicking on the Convert key. One good thing that really impresses its users is that it is direct and straightforward.


  • Files can be added by dragging and dropping files in the conversion a panel
  • All the major languages are supported for example English, Italy Chinese, Germany to mention but a few.
  • Has advanced settings that allow you to select where you want your output saved.
  • Supports batch conversion I.e. adding multiple files and processing them as one.


  • While converting texts, format and style remain the same as they are not altered.
  • Images and colours are precisely and fully captured.
  • Documents produced are of high quality.
  • The software is very easy to use as well.
  • The converter has no size restrictions.


  • The trial version limits a user to converting of 3 pages at a time.
  • It becomes annoying due to the need for frequent change settings.

PDFMate Converter


Something that impresses about this converter is that it does not change the format or text of the converted document during the process of conversion. For that user looking for the best Converter is that this particular software can merge a multiple of loaded files. However, you should know that during installation, it tries to bring along a toolbar that should be deselected to stop it from installing.

Nevertheless, some people have had fears that since it is free it may be not as powerful, this doubt should be cleared as it performs even better than other paid for converters.


  • It changes page size and also restructures PDF by 4- in -1 and 2- in -1 arrangement.
  • Has the ability to extract a page number as well as specify any page range.
  • Once scanned PDFs can be converted into editable and easy to search Text Words.
  • Files can be batched to one.
  • Also comes with advanced settings to customize the output.


  • Conversion is easy, fast and yet able to maintain the quality of PDF.
  • Password settings are available to protect information that may be confidential.
  • Formats in which one can convert into are plenty.


  • Expected to but the full version once you have finished every installation.
  • Limited to the only 3 the first pages to PDF.


Desk PDF Studio XE


This is one of a kind software that has all the ideal features to claim to be the best PDF converter. It is friendly to the user because its outlay at the first glance could be confused to that of MS Word home page. Desk PDF Studio XE converter is a very sophisticated and intuitive tool that can brag of having the capability if replacing that Adobe Acrobat.

The main reason why users are fond of it is that it everything about it is self-explanatory and of very few complications. In a nutshell, it can Bea described as a converter of a million words.


  • It has a compact interface that makes it easily accessible.
  • Edits, signs and stamps any document into a PDF.
  • For security and safety assurance it adds markups and freehand such as watermarks and letterheads.
  • Colours and style of fonts can be changed as well as highlights texts for the purposes of emphasis.


  • The interface is user-friendly and very direct making it easy to use.
  • Gives an option of sending output via email.
  • Its purchased price is low
  • Icons are not hidden deep in tabs and all are visible as they are just on display.

WonderShare PDF Converter


The tricky pony software apps useful role on the basis of smaller storage requirements, affordable prices to the ability to run on outdated systems.

Wondershare PDF converter falling there. Despite it costing almost as it’s competing PDF converters, it does not offer much to its expectations. From tests taken its output are undistinguished overall. Despite those little bugs, it can be generally helpful.


  • Supports major languages e.g. English, Italian, French, Germany to mention just a few.
  • It also converts JPEG image to PDF and also scans documents to get small searchable files.
  • Has the ability to remove images and even realize them.
  • By using the converting tools texts can be formatted, edited, inserted and even deleted.


  • It can convert over 300 PDF files at a go making it quick and easy to convert.
  • It can be read by any reader as it is compatible.
  • It starts up remarkably quick.
  • When its OCR is shutdown it functions quite fast.


  • Pop-ups are too many that cannot be turned or make it very annoying. The only solution is uninstalling.
  • Graphics have also been overcropped.

Nuance PDF Converter


The Nuance PDF converter can be defined as the most accurate and easiest way to have control over PDFs in this digitalized generation. It also supports touch-enabled Window operating system devices to make it more productive.

Also seeing that this converter performs the work equally well as other converters yet the Nuance PDF converter is cheaper it is called for one to choose the Nuance PDF converter.


  • Can convert files to their original form and designed format.
  • Editing within PDF files is simplified
  • Has the highest level of security I.e. 256- bit encryption.
  • Comes with “Dragon Note” speech recognition tool that is measured to be three times faster than typing.
  • Allows “Look Like” search to fasten searches e.g. emails addresses to mention a few via an alphanumeric pattern.


  • Converts into PDF while fully formatted and complete with layouts, tables and graphs were applied.
  • Documents can be secured by use of passwords.
  • With the speech recognition, it is quicker and accurate thus saving time.


  • Too many page elements are still exported as separate frames, though looking presentable, it limits their edibility.


At this point, there could not be the any better reason why you be torn between choosing the most appropriate converter. Many end up having the wrong software as they did not do any research before they acquired one. The above converters are just the top best reviewed and the guideline will work to your own advantage before selecting a converter.